Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Am New!

Hi guys I'm new to the blogger world and so i will be making posts soon! If you like anime then Comment me! If you like invader zim Comment me! if you like waffles Comment me! ugh I'm tired of writing comment me so much.... my mother has a blog on here so i wanted a blog to so she agreed to let me have one and i just got it know! just to let you i am very random so yeah. OH! i also love to draw! and so I'll show you more of that stuff later from now my favorite books are WARRIOR CATS and Percy Jackson and the Lighting thief they are both GREAT books.
One last thing if you are random Comment me!
Fred: hey bob what does idk mean?!
Bob: I Don't Know
Fred: really you don't know either huh..
(IDK means I Don't Know)


  1. Hi Grace I am a follower of your Mum's blog. I have a friend called Luis and he is a 12 yr old Christian boy who is also home schooled. He lives in Australia and has just started his blog about 2 months ago. I thought you might like to follow each other. His blog is

  2. Hi Grace!I have an almost 13 year old daughter that would love it if you visited her blogs and left a comment.I also visit your mom's blog.Here are my daughter's blogs: (yes,she has 3 blogs!)

  3. Hello Grace!I loved your blogs!They are amazing!I even loved your banner!